These are the medical experts who have reviewed our content to ensure it’s accurate, current and user-focused.

Dr. Alana Biggers

MD, MPH Internal Medicine

Dr. Biggers is an internal medicine physician. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine, where she specializes in internal medicine.

She also has a master’s of public health in chronic disease epidemiology. In her spare time, Dr. Biggers likes to share healthy living tips with followers on Twitter.

Dr. Anaya Rehman

MBBS, M.S Cognitive Neuroscience, Polysomnography Expert

Dr. Anaya Rehman is a general physician with a Masters of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience. She has diverse experience in research, academia and the hospital settings.

She has extensive experience in Sleep Medicine through her medical degree and her work at Kitchener Sleep and Snoring Institute, Canada. Dr. Rehman works as a medical writer and editor for health related educational articles specifically targeted for the patient population.

Dr. Doaa Attia

MD, Internal Medicine

Dr. Doaa Attia is currently a Clinical Research Scholar of Internal Medicine, Department of Nephrology at Harvard Medical School. She graduated from Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Egypt in 2017. Afterward, She started her internal medicine residency in Egypt.

Moreover, She has researched many topics with many publications related to internal medicine, especially heart and kidney diseases. She also did many clinical and research elective rotations during her undergraduate years at Johns Hopkins University, Mayo Clinic, University of Alabama, and Tulane University.

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