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SnoreMeds Review | Should You Buy This Anti Snoring Mouthpiece?

While it doesn’t break any new ground for anti-snoring products, SnoreMeds still offers an impressive range of features for its price.

Some of us have been snoring since we were kids, so to say that we have tried hundreds of anti-snoring products is not an exaggeration.

From child-friendly nasal strips to complicated breathing machines purchased as an adult, we’ve experimented with just about everything.

The silver lining to this is that we have learnt our way around sleep aids. We know what to look for in terms of materials, ingredients and designs, and it doesn’t take us long to determine if they’re wonderful or worthless.

SnoreMeds lies somewhere in the middle. While not a revolutionary product, it’s not a terrible one, either.

It works moderately well to stop snoring. There are both pros and cons to buying it.

Low Price, Moderate Use, Heavy Boil: My Experience With SnoreMeds

Are you interested in learning more? Let’s dive into my SnoreMeds review so that you can get a better idea of what it’s like.

The Basics

Snoring is generally caused by an obstruction in the airway. Whether it’s your sinuses clogging your nasal cavity or your tongue rolling to the back of your throat as you sleep, the final culprit is the flow of oxygen through overly-narrow tubes. It hits the tissue and vibrates, and this results in the huffs, puffs and wheezes that we call snoring.

Anti-snoring devices try to help oxygen move freely through your airway. The cheaper products will try to clear a path; the more expensive products will actually create a path.

SnoreMeds is the second kind. Here’s how it works.


SnoreMeds is a mandibular advancement device (MAD). This means that it holds your jaw at an outward angle as you sleep, keeping your airway open and ensuring that no vibrations can cause noise.

snoremeds reviewed

It’s a simple blueprint, but it works. All MADs essentially function the same. What sets SnoreMeds apart from the rest is its design.

For starters, it’s made of a soft, flexible thermoplastic that can actually be molded to the shape of your bite. We’ll talk about this more in a minute, but its ability to be custom-fitted is entirely due to its malleable material.

It’s also quite easy to use. You won’t have a problem figuring it out even if you’re completely new to the world of anti-snoring products. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that the user-friendliness of the SnoreMeds makes it ideal for first-timers.

Last but not least, SnoreMeds is a mono-bloc mouthpiece with both the upper and lower jaw trays fused together. You won’t have to worry about the two of them breaking or falling apart. They don’t even have any screws or hinges since they’re already melded together. Nothing will dig into the side of your mouth when you least expect it.

Fitting the SnoreMeds Mouthpiece

This is where SnoreMeds really shines. It can be customized to perfectly fit your mouth, and you won’t even have to visit the dentist or wait on something to be special-ordered. You can do it right at home.

snoremeds snoring mouthpiece

Its secret is something called the “boil and bite” method. While you’ll receive detailed instructions in the box, here’s a quick overview of the B&B so that you’ll know what you’re getting into:

1. Boil a cup of water.

2. Submerge the mouthpiece. Make sure that it’s fully covered. You might need to hold it down with a fork or a pair of tongs if it tries to float to the surface.

3. After 30 seconds, take the mouthpiece out of the water. It should be soft enough to bite.

4. Bite! Press and hold your teeth in place for another 30 seconds.

5. Take a look at the mouthpiece. Did you leave a clear impression of your teeth? If so, run the mouthpiece under a stream of cold water to re-harden the material and make the impression permanent. If not, put it back in the hot water and try again.

There are more instructions that you’ll need to follow, but they’re pretty basic. For example, there’s a hard plastic “spatula” that needs to be inserted into the air holes of the mouthpiece to keep them from closing when you bite down. It shouldn’t be too difficult to do this; you’ll just need to be careful.

Purchase Options

SnoreMeds is available in two sizes: “original for men” and “smallfit for women.” In this case, “size” is only referring to the physical dimensions of the product. The original is a couple of centimeters bigger and wider than the smallfit. The B&B is still used with both to customize it for your particular mouth.

You’ll also notice on the SnoreMeds website that there seem to be multiple versions of the product:

  • Single Pack Men
  • Single Pack Women​​​​
  • Double Pack Men
  • Double Pack Women
  • Value Pack Men
  • Value Pack Women

However, all of these bundles are offering the same mouthpiece. They only differ in size and quantity. The single packs have individual mouthpieces; the double packs have two; the value packs have four.


One of the signs of a good product is durability. If it falls apart two weeks after you buy it, it can’t be made very well.

Fortunately, SnoreMeds is built to last. The manufacturers promise a 3-6 month lifespan, but most reviewers agree that it’s closer to 9-12 months.

Our mouthpieces lasted for several weeks without any sort of wear and tear. We could easily see it lasting a year or more. That said, we would only describe our use as “moderate,” so heavy users might experience faster erosion. If you grind your teeth at night, that might cause it to break down at a faster pace, too.

As for upkeep, SnoreMeds can be cleaned with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste. It will last longer if you make maintenance an everyday habit. As with any dental device, bacteria from your mouth can build up on the product and cause damage, so you’ll want to clean it both for hygienic and longevity purposes.


As we mentioned before, we only rank SnoreMeds in the middle tier of anti-snoring products. While it has a lot of advantages, it has a lot of disadvantages, too.

The biggest problem with SnoreMeds is that it doesn’t completely work. It doesn’t completely eliminate your snoring. It’s good at reducing things like frequency and noise level, but the snores still happen.

Another issue is that SnoreMeds might need to be fitted several times before you can get it just right. Even if it feels correctly aligned after your first B&B, it might fall out of your mouth as you sleep. When this happens, the manufacturers recommend re-boiling and re-biting it with your jaw extended a few additional centimeters. Some of us had to do this twice before the mouthpiece would finally stay in place overnight.

You might not experience either of these issues. SnoreMeds might work perfectly for you on the very first try. But some of us had some problems and it’s worth knowing this information before you make your own purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have concerns about SnoreMeds? Here are some common questions and answers that I’ve culled from around the web.

Can I use this product if I’m a mouth breather?

Yes. Since there are air holes in the mouthpiece, you should be able to breathe comfortably through your mouth as you sleep.

Is it safe? Is it hypoallergenic?

While we couldn’t find any information on the hypoallergenic part, SnoreMeds is officially FDA-cleared as a safe product. It’s also free of both latex and BPA. Even if you have allergies or sensitivities, SnoreMeds shouldn’t trigger them.

Can I wear SnoreMeds with dentures, crowns, bridges or missing teeth?

Unfortunately, SnoreMeds isn’t recommended for people with dental problems. You can try it, of course; there’s no one stopping you. But the manufacturers can’t guarantee the fit when there are things like missing teeth to throw off the B&B, and without a good fit, your jaw isn’t going to align the right way.

What’s the ideal sleep position when using SnoreMeds?

The ideal position is whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. SnoreMeds will keep your airway open even if you’re sleeping on your back, stomach or side. It also works with all kinds of pillows, so you don’t have to throw away those beloved microbeads!

How long does it take to work?

It depends. How badly do you snore? How good was your first attempt at fitting the mouthpiece? Your experience might be completely different from ours, so we are wary of giving a specific time frame. Generally speaking, however, it shouldn’t take long. You might even get lucky and see results on the very first night.

What’s the warranty like?

You have 45 days to decide if you like SnoreMeds. If you don’t, you can ship it back to the manufacturers for a full refund. Be warned, however, that you’ll still have to pay for shipping, and you won’t be able to return a multi-pack like you would a single pack. We’re not sure why they do this, but if you’re worried about getting your money back, make sure to buy the single.

Pros and Cons

As we’ve said before, there are both pros and cons to SnoreMeds, so you’ll need to consider them equally before you whip out your credit card. One list might outweigh the other.

The Good

  • Affordable
  • Available in two sizes
  • Soft thermoplastic material
  • Can be customized for your exact bite
  • Easy to clean
  • No screws or hinges
  • Suitable for all sleep positions
  • 45-day money-back guarantee

The Bad

  • Not always effective at stopping your snores
  • times-circleMight need to be fitted several times
  • times-circleNo refunds on multi-packs

Final Verdict

Our Rating: 8.7/10

We won’t lie to you. SnoreMeds has some flaws, and they might be too much for you. You might prefer one of our higher-ranked mouthpieces like the SnoreRx or the ZQuiet.

On the other hand, if you’re new to anti-snoring products and looking for something that’s both simple and affordable, SnoreMeds might be a good starting point. It’s very easy to use, clean and store, and it lets you fiddle around with its fit until it’s just right. It’s also comfortable enough that it shouldn’t take you long to grow accustomed to it.

All things considered, we’d give SnoreMeds a 7/10. It isn’t perfect, but it’s solid. You could do a lot worse in terms of sleep aids.

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