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AirSnore Review | The Mouthpiece with Drops

This article is medically reviewed and edited by Dr. Doaa Attia, MDInternal Medicine Physician.

I’ve been snoring for a long time, so I know how exhausting and frustrating it can be. It’s especially aggravating when you purchase stop snoring devices that promise relief but fail to deliver.

The good news is that AirSnore isn’t one of these products. Not only is it effective, but it’s also quite versatile. It comes with both a mouthpiece and a bottle of drops that you can use as a one-two punch against nighttime breathing problems.

My Honest Review of the AirSnore Mouthpiece and Drops

airsnore review

I tried AirSnore for the first time a few years ago, and it’s become one of my go-to sleep aids ever since.

While I don’t use it every night, it functions as a kind of safety net for times when I’m serious about getting a good night’s sleep. It’s that reliable.

You don’t have to take my word for it, of course. You should read my in-depth AirSnore review and form your own opinions.

Let’s get started!

Some Background on Snoring

If you’ve never seen a snoring diagram, you might be surprised by all of the complex details and bodily processes that go into such a simple-looking action. Before you get intimidated, however, you should know that snoring is mostly caused by breathing issues.

The sound of snoring comes from oxygen passing through your nose and mouth and vibrating against the tissue there. This is a completely natural thing, and with smaller vibrations, the snores won’t even make enough noise to register in human ears.

The problem is when the vibrations are loud and frequent. These are usually caused by an obstructed airway. If your throat muscles relax too much while you’re sleeping, they can narrow your airway until oxygen is forced to pass through a very constricted tube. The result is the huffing, puffing, shuddering and wheezing that signifies snoring.

How AirSnore Helps

The goal of the AirSnore is to soothe both your mind and body into a restful state. It isn’t just about stopping your snores; it’s also a product that aims to deliver a good night of sleep with full REM cycles.

AirSnore is unique from other anti-snoring products because it offers more than one way to keep you quiet at night. You’ll receive two things in the box: the mouthpiece and the drops.

Not pulling any punches, the AirSnore offers both an anti-snoring mouthpiece and a bottle of liquid sleep drops to help you get the rest that you crave.

AirSnore Mouthpiece

The AirSnore mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) that puts a gentle pressure on your jaw as you sleep. By keeping your mouth open and your chin positioned at the right angle, it will prevent your airway from closing at night.

airsnore mouthpiece

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There’s a lot to love about the AirSnore mouthpiece. For starters, it’s made of a flexible thermoplastic material that won’t feel uncomfortable in your mouth. While some MADs are hard, bulky things that will make you wonder if you’ve put a block of cement between your teeth, the AirSnore is so elastic that you might actually forget that you’re wearing it.

Part of this comfort comes from the fact that the AirSnore can be custom-fitted for your particular mouth. You won’t even have to visit a dentist; you can do it yourself from the comforts of home.

It’s called the “boil and bite” method, and here’s how it works:

  • Place the mouthpiece in hot water. You’ll receive specific boiling instructions in the box, but to summarize, you’ll need a cup, a microwave and some tongs to maneuver the mouthpiece around.
  • Once the material is soft enough to be malleable, bring it to your mouth and bite down. Keep biting down for a full minute so that the impression of your teeth will sink in.
  • To set the impression, run the mouthpiece under cold water to re-harden the material. To wipe away your previous attempt and try again, repeat the softening process. You can only do this a couple of times before the material starts to degrade, so try to make a good impression as quickly as possible.

The Drops

The drops are the secret weapon of the AirSnore system. While there are plenty of MADs on the market, AirSnore is one of the only brands that offers liquid drops to accompany the solid mouthpiece.

AirSnore drops

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There are five main ingredients of the drops:

  • Eucalyptus leaf oil is commonly used to treat things like asthma and sinus infections. It works as a decongestant to clear your nasal passages of mucus and phlegm.
  • Scots pine leaf oil can help with a variety of respiratory problems thanks to its medicinal qualities. It’s also effective against insomnia, so it’s a common ingredient in sleep aids.
  • Lavender flower oil is another ingredient that you’ll find in a lot of sleep aids. It has a soothing, relaxing fragrance that will help you drift off into dreamland.
  • Peppermint leaf oil is a natural painkiller that can relax your body and relieve minor aches and pains. Combined with everything else on this list, it’s a great tool to loosen up before bed.
  • Last but not least, sunflower seed oil is used as a “carrier oil” to bind the other ingredients and make them easy to rub into the skin. It also contains vitamin E, so it’s soothing, softening and hydrating.

As you can see, all of these ingredients are completely organic. You won’t have to worry about any chemicals or synthetic materials polluting your body.

Another nice thing about the drops is that they can be used in a variety of ways. Dab them under your nostrils if you want to directly inhale them during the night. Rub them into your neck or chest if you’d like their scent to gently cover you. You can even put a few drops on your pillow if you want to wallow in them overnight.

Remember, they’re completely organic, so they won’t hurt you no matter how you decide to use them or where you decide to put them.

Potential Drawbacks

While it’s a solid product overall, the AirSnore does come with a few issues that might turn off potential buyers.

One such issue is the fit. It can be customized for your bite, but the mouthpiece itself is a “one size fits all” product that might not be suitable for people with overly large or small mouths. It can’t be adjusted when it comes to the angle or advancement of your jaw, either. You’ll have to take what you get.

Another potential problem is the fragrance of the drops. Most people find it soothing, but if you really hate the smell of lavender or eucalyptus, you aren’t going to want to rub it under your nostrils.

Like I said, these aren’t major issues, but they might be deal-breaking to some readers out there. This is okay! There are other anti-snoring devices on the market if the AirSnore isn’t the one for you. Check out something like the SnoreRx or the Zyppah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have unanswered questions about the AirSnore? I like to use FAQs as a chance to address common concerns and share miscellaneous trivia about the product at hand. Let’s get right to it!

AirSnore box

Do I have to use the mouthpiece and the drops at the same time?

While you can use the products individually, I’d highly recommend using them together. They were designed to complement each other, and their one-two punch against snoring is the whole reason that AirSnore is such a unique product.

Can I buy refills/replacements for just one item?

Yes. Everything is available on the AirSnore website as an individual product. There’s also a special combo package if you want both items together, and it has a much better price than the solo ones, so I’d get the bundle if you’re a first-timer.

Is it safe?

There’s nothing dangerous about the AirSnore. The drops are made of all-natural ingredients like eucalyptus and sunflower seed oil, and the mouthpiece was created with high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade materials. They can both be removed or rinsed off at any time. You can feel safe with these products.

Will dentures be a problem? Can I use the AirSnore if I have crowns, bridges or missing teeth?

The official answer to this question is “it depends.” The manufacturers address it on their website, and they say that you should talk to your dentist and see if the AirSnore can still be properly fitted in your mouth even if your bite is uneven. Speaking from personal experience, the fit has never been an issue with my own crowns. But you should probably talk to your dentist just to be sure!

Can I breathe though my mouth while the AirSnore is in place?

Yes. There’s an airway opening in the mouthpiece that allows for the free passage of oxygen, so you can breathe through both your nose and your mouth throughout the night. This will be especially useful if you ever find yourself with a stuffy nose during cold season!

How long will it last?

If you’re taking proper care of it, the AirSnore should last between 6 – 12 months. “Proper care” means cleaning the mouthpiece every morning by allowing it to soak in a mixture of cold water and toothpaste. You can also use a gentle denture cleaning solution, but steer clear of things like bleach and ammonia. You’ll ruin the material.

What’s the warranty like?

You have 60 days to try the AirSnore. If it hasn’t improved your snoring after two months, just ship it back to the manufacturers for a full refund. Be sure to hold onto the original packaging, however, or your warranty might be voided.

Pros and Cons

It wouldn’t be a proper review without a list of pros and cons. If you’re still undecided about AirSnore as a brand, this might help you come to a decision.

The Good

  • Offers both mouthpiece and liquid drops
  • Flexible thermoplastic material
  • Lets you breathe through your mouth
  • check-circleUtilizes “boil and bite” method for a customized fit
  • check-circleFully organic ingredients
  • check-circleDecent lifespan

The Bad

  • You might not like the fragrance of the drops
  • times-circleThe fit can’t be adjusted after it’s boiled and molded

What’s the Bottom Line?

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Having tried many different anti-snoring products, I can confidently say that the AirSnore is one of the best. Its unique combination of materials offers an unusual but highly effective way to keep yourself quiet at night. It’s also soft, flexible, convenient, customizable and easy to use.

There are some minor drawbacks, but they shouldn’t be enough to cause any lingering issues. The AirSnore is a solid product.

All things considered, I think the AirSnore deserves its place on our list of the top anti-snoring devices. Do you agree?

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